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The only 10 Barrel Brewhouse in Tigard

True Story, our 1998 JV Northwest Brewhouse is indeed the only 10 barrel in town!

A Meandering Path

Our 10 BBL (310 gallon) "pub style" brewing system was built by JV Northwest down in Canby Oregon in 1998. It lived at Big Horn Brewing down in Texas for just short of 10 years before being transported back to the PNW to be installed in Max's Fanno Creek Brewpub in 2006.


A Local Home

Comprised of 4 x 10BBL and 1 x 20BBL fermenters, the cold side of our operation is capable of producing about 1000BBL of beer a year. With 15 years of operation at this location already under it's belt, this stainless wonder should have many more years of service. We leave the Big Horn branding in place because we believe that its heritage is now a part of our story.

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