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It started, as many things do, with a circle of friends and a dream of a place to gather. We were builders, writers, bakers, engineers, crafters of all different kinds, drawn together and made better – and more creative – by the gathering of minds and a tasty beer.

Cooper Mountain Ale Works is built on this spirit of friendship, collaboration, and learning. Our beers are designed to explore a range of styles and reflect a spirit of discovery. We are inspired by the classic beers of Belgium, Ireland, and Germany, and we tinker, as is our nature, to produce beers that will please a range of palates.

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Our Brewing Journey

From a bit of stainless steel in our garage to the 10 barrel brewpub in downtown Tigard, read our journey from homebrew to Public House here

The Public House

We're proud to operate the only 10 barrel craft brewhouse in Tigard. Originally manufactured in Canby, OR, it has its own meandering history that you can read here.

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